External disk not working? No Problem!

External Hard Drive Recovery
  • We offer a completely free, no-obligation 24 hour diagnostic!
  • Receive a file list, report and fixed-fee quote before proceeding!
  • External hard drive data recovery rate of 92.5%

External Hard Drives play a major role in data storage for businesses and non-commercial users alike. All external Hard Drives contain standard hard drives and, more often than not, failure can be attributed to this drive. Occasionally, though, a problem with the external unit can be the cause of data loss.

Upon receiving your external hard drive, our technicians will undertake a free diagnostic which will involve:

  • Analyzing your external hard drive in order to determine the cause of the failure;
  • Determining if any internal or external parts need to be replaced; and
  • Deciding on the most-effective means of retrieving the data stored on the drive.

In order to determine the likelihood of a full recovery, how long the recovery will take and the likely costs, it is essential that a skilled and experienced technician perform an initial diagnosis on the drive. Book your completely free diagnostic today by emailing or calling us at 866-879-1281866-879-1281.


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