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  • We offer a completely free, no-obligation 24 hour diagnostic!
  • Receive a file list, report and fixed-fee quote before proceeding!
  • SQL server data recovery performed by our elite server recovery team

SQL is the standard programming language for large relational databases. Such databases are typically constructed from files containing indexes and another that contains a record of all change that have been made to the database known as a transaction log.

Should an SQL server fail, it is likely to be due to one of the following:

  • The storage media – whether a hard disk, SAN, NAS etc. – having failed.
  • The file-system failing, resulting in part of all of associated data being rendered unreadable.
  • Data being accidentally deleted or migrated.
  • A fault with the server’s hardware.
  • The relevant data having become corrupted.

The technician that conducts your free diagnostic will determine the cause of failure and develop a detailed plan to successfully retrieve and extract data stored on your SQL server.

Following your free diagnostic having been completed we’ll be able to tell you what data we can recover and we’ll also provide you with a no-obligation, fixed-fee quote. Book yours today be sending us an email or calling us at 866-879-1281.

Our video has everything you need to know about data recovery in under 2 minutes.

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3 steps to get your data back

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Contact & Diagnostic

Send in your media and one of our specialists will contact you ...

  • Carefully package your media.
  • Download and complete the shipping form and enclose it with your media.
  • Send us the package containing your media securely via Prepaid UPS.
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Filelist Check

We send you a fixed price quotation & an online filelist ...

  • When we receive your media, we'll send you a unique ID by email and determine what's wrong.
  • Once we've identified the problem and how to fix it, we'll send you a list of recoverable files and a no-obligation quote.
  • In the unlikely event that we are unable to recover your data, we will return your drive to you via a secure method. For more information on this, refer to our Return Drive Policy.

Send Your Data

We get you your data back ...

  • We transfer all of your recovered data to new media.
  • Following us having received payment, we return your data to you via a secure next-day delivery.
  • We retain a copy of your data for seven days in case of query. Following this period, the data is securely erased.

Each of our technicians has dealt with over 1,000 hard drives!

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